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Obsessions 'R Us

obsessed ramblings of fangirls and guys

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All Members , Moderated
for those of us living on the planet Obsession, feel free to drool & squee here all you want.

the header pic on the main page was made by wander_lust_79!!

at the present time, the community is unmoderated, so play nice. however: users have to join this community in order to post in it. i really don't want to make this moderated.

* flaming and busting on someone 'cause you think they have a silly obsession is SO not cool.
* if you're posting spoilers, put them behind a cut.
* if you're posting picspam, put it behind a cut.
* if you're posting fan fic, put it behind a cut.
* if you're posting a vid, put it behind a cut.
* crossposting is allowed, in fact, it's encouraged. the more places you can obsess and squee, the better, is what i say :)

I'm always open to suggestions, so feel free to post something, too. if you have an obsession interest to add, post that too!

rules are subject to change.

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