Trystan (trystan830) wrote in obsessions_r_us,

Multi-Fandom Friending Meme!!

now that most of the shows are over now, i thought it was time for one of these again!! :D enjoy, make new friends....and feel free to plug and promote and pimp - and spread the squee!

who are you:
where are you:
age? (optional):
shows you watch that are currently on the air:
shows you watched that some channel was stupid and cancelled:
What are your other fandoms?:
Favorite actors/actresses?:
Favorite character(s)?:
favorite 'ships?:
What's in your LJ?:
spoilers ~ yea or nay?
do you read or write (or neither) fanfiction?
Anything else you want to say or post?

handy-dandy copy&paste box:

who are you: Trystan
where are you: State of insanity
age? (optional): 37
shows you watch that are currently on the air: Supernatural, 24, Burn Notice, Law & Order (all three), Lost, Medium, Monk, Nip/Tuck, Psych, Rescue Me
shows you watched that some channel was stupid and cancelled: Moonlight, First Wave, Farscape, Firefly, Forever Knight, Crossing Jordan, the 4400, and a TON more...i have a huge list in my sidebar
What are your other fandoms?: Tin Man, Harry Potter, Anita Blake, Merry Gentry, Dark Hunters
Favorite actors/actresses?: Jensen Ackles, Sebastian Spence, Alex O'Loughlin, Ben Browder, Nathan Fillion, Josh Holloway, Geraint Wyn Davies, Pierce Brosnan, Neal McDonough
Favorite character(s)?: Dean Winchester, Mick St. John, Jason Teague, John Crichton, Mal Reynolds, Sawyer, Cam Mitchell, Cade Foster, Nick Knight, Wyatt Cain
favorite 'ships?: Mick/Beth, John/Aeryn, Jason/Lana, Joe/Allison, Wash/Zoe, Sheridan/Delenn, Sawyer/Kate, Cain/DG
What's in your LJ?: random stuff, fangirling over Jensen/Dean, random stuff, picspams, memes, chaos. it's kinda locked except for thinky posts on Supernatural, picspams on Supernatural, Moonlight, and Lost; and various other random posts i make public.
likes: most anything but my dislikes below
dislikes: Wincest; bashing; people who don't read
spoilers ~ yea or nay? maybe
do you read or write (or neither) fanfiction? read and write, gen and het. it's over at trys_writer.
Anything else you want to say or post? my icons are at trys_icons... and here's some MickBeth from!!

and just cause - here's all of the shows i USED to watch:

First Wave, Forever Knight, Farscape, American Gothic, Anamaniacs, Andromeda, Babylon 5, Black Scorpion, Boomtown, Cleopatra 2525, Crossing Jordan, Crusade, Dawson's Creek, Drive, Earth: Final Conflict, Earth 2, Enterprise, Exposure, Firefly, Friday the 13th, the Series, Hercules, Highlander: the Raven, Invasion, Jack of All Trades, Kindred: the Embraced, Las Vegas, La Femme Nikita, Legend, Lois & Clark: the New Adventures of Superman, Melrose Place, Mission: Genesis, Moonlight, Mutant X, Nowhere Man, Once and Again, Party of Five, Pacific Blue, Poltergeist: the Legacy, Renegade, Robin's Hoods, Roswell, Sex and the City, Silk Stalkings, Sliders, So Weird, Stargate SG1 (S9-10), Strange Frequency, Strange Luck, the 4400, the Adventures of Sinbad, the Lost World, the New Dark Shadows, the Outer Limits (new versions), the Prisoner, the Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, the Sentinel, the X-Files, the Young Riders, Third Watch, Time Trax, Touching Evil (US Version), Tracker, Wild Card, Witchblade, Xena
Tags: friending meme, livejournal
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