Fic: Meant To Be

Author: amja7578

Summary: I’ve been reading some RPFs lately and I thought I’d give it a shot and write one of my own. It’s basically a love story but there’s humor and angst, too.

Pairings: JA/OFC, JP/OFC

Warning: NC-17

Disclaimer: This doesn’t depict reality in any way…just writing for fun! The OFCs belong to me and were inspired by the pics I found on the web ―which also gave me some ideas for my fic! Thanks to Bren and Erica for helping me choose their names…hope you all like them!

Chapter 3 here:

Fic: Forbidden Fruit - chapter 4

Autor: amja7578

Pairing: girl!sam/dean winchester

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Pre-season. Au where Sam was born a girl. Sam is about 16 and Dean 20. Sam is growing up and having ‘new’ feelings for her brother. He notices but pretends nothing is going on, and then things change dramatically…Sorry, I know I suck at summaries! Hope you like my spn fic! Please review! :-)

Disclaimer: Don’t own them!

Chapter 4 here: